Day 5: Resting and enjoying Carson City

Watching the weather channel had made it clear that Friday was going to be windy and cold. The wind would blow from the southwest all day. I was concerned because I needed to return to the southwest and the wind was strongly gusting. The forecast for Saturday, the day I hoped to leave, was unclear, though it was suggesting that the wind would be mild by them.

I lazed around in the morning and eventually got up and walked about half a mile to a Safeway. It was clear, windy, and cold. I bought some food for breakfast and for the ride tomorrow. After eating, I spent about an hour cleaning and oiling my bike. I walked to the State Capitol and looked around. Note the flags at the top of the dome showing a strong wind coming from the southwest.

My friend Bob called me while I was looking around the Capitol and we talked for about an hour while I meandered around the front of the building and he was driving to Sacramento. While we were talking, it started to rain just a bit. I decided to take a picture of the clouds that were steady moving in my direction.

After the phone call and eating lunch, I decided to check out the Nugget casino a bit down the street. As far as I could tell, it had the only crap table in Carson City and the minimum bet was $1 -- my kind of table. There was a crowd around the table and I joined in. I played for about 2 hours and won about $50. It was great fun and I even had a Kaluha and milk on the casino. I cashed all but $30 of my chips and tried my hand at blackjack. No luck. I even tried poker machines but found them greedy for my quarters and not all that entertaining.

I walked back to my motel and eventually went dinner at the Chinese place next door. The weather channel was now predicting a very nice day with no wind and mild temperatures for Saturday and I started preparing to leave. I spent the rest of the evening packing and organizing my things.

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